A 4-pack of Sprecher Grape Soda.
A 16oz bottle of Sprecher Grape Soda next to a 7oz glass of Sprecher Grape Soda.
Sprecher Brewery

Grape Soda

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Pick up a 4, 12, or 24 pack of  Sprecher’s fire-brewed craft grape soda for curbside pickup in Glendale. We make this succulent purple soda with a masterful blend Concord grape juice and raw Wisconsin honey. While we simmer these ingredients together in our handmade gas-fired brew kettle, the sugars in the honey caramelize to create the perfect level of sweetness. After that, we lightly carbonate the soda. The end product is a sweet and bubbly grape soda filled with fresh summer flavor. Delicious year-round in a chilled mug or straight from the bottle. Not local? Buy it here.