A 4-pack of Sprecher Ginger Ale.
A 16oz bottle of Sprecher Ginger Ale next to a 7oz glass of Sprecher Ginger Ale,
Sprecher Brewery

Ginger Ale

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Grab a 4, 12, or 24 pack of Sprecher’s fire-brewed craft ginger ale for curbside pickup in Glendale. Although this ginger ale has the sumptuous sweetness of real Wisconsin honey, it also has the spicy burn of ginger. This unique balance of flavors can only be achieved in our gas-fired handcrafted brew kettle under the supervision of our craft-brewing team. So, it is like no ginger ale you have had before. Prepare to be delighted and surprised. Enjoy in a chilled glass or straight from the bottle. Also makes a great Moscow Mule or Kentucky Mule! Not local? Buy it here.