A 4-pack of Sprecher Cream Soda.
A 16oz bottle of Sprecher Cream Soda next to a 7oz glass of Sprecher Cream Soda.
Sprecher Brewery

Cream Soda

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Grab a 4, 12, or 24 pack of Sprecher's fire-brewed cream soda for curbside pickup in Glendale. We craft-brew every bottle of our cream soda with high-quality local ingredients; you can taste and see the difference! We preserve the natural honey color of our soda instead of making it colorless or artificially red. We begin with a blend of Wisconsin honey and pure vanilla. Then, we brew this blend to perfection in our handcrafted gas-fired brew kettle. While the soda is brewing, the sugars caramelize, creating a fusion of flavor. The result? A rich vanilla flavored soda with hints of honey and caramel and a long-lasting, creamy head. Not local? Buy it here.